Automation and Management Software for the Textile, Garment, and Home Furnishing Industries.

  MOD2 is a feature-rich enterprise software designed for the textile, garment, and home furnishing industries. The system and its many modules offers support to your users by providing detailed inventory management, accounting, and real-time tracking from order entry to production, shipping, and billing. Not only does it boost efficiency but it also ensures that your data is protected and maintained properly using a myriad of security techniques. You can access your data anytime using a variety of methods including a desktop application, over the web, or through our very own mobile app. Built on top of all these features is a simple and easy to use interface that is not only intuitive but also powerful enough to assist users with their tasks.

  Here at MOD2, we are not simply interested in selling you a product. We are highly invested and interested in the success of your company. For this reason, we have maintained a close and long-term relationship with each and every one of our clients. MOD2 is the perfect solution for textile, garment, and home furnishing companies that are looking for a powerful and ever-evolving software designed by people who care about your success.

MOD2 Features

Customizable Reports

  • Access a limitless number of Customizable Reports
  • Generate reports on: top salesperson, item, division by territory, sales, profit, etc.

Robust Security Manager

  • Server data is encrypted to prevent security violations
  • Access can be controlled on a per user basis

Integrated Website

  • Mod2 can be fully integrated with a variety of website types
  • Create websites for: Business-To-Business, Retail, or Showcase

Mobile App

  • iOS App designed to work exclusively with MOD2
  • Manage warehouse inventory, create invoices, generate packing lists, and much more

Barcode Support

  • Barcode generation on stickers & forms
  • Includes detailed shipment and receiving on roll by roll basis

UPS / FedEx Integration

  • Manage UPS & FedEx shipments within Mod2
  • Tracking numbers are stored in Mod2 and can be reviewed or submitted to customers




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