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Industries & Add-on Features


The MOD2 software is offered to the following industries:

  • Textile Importers
  • Garment Packagers and Apparel Importers
  • Textile Manufacturers and Converters
  • Home Furnishing Textiles and Accessories
  • Add-On Feature of MOD2

  • Mod2 Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Mod2 Garment Module
  • Mod2 Scanned Inventory Module and Attachment System
  • Mod2 Web Module
  • Mod2 Stickers Generator Package
  • Mod2 Factor Assignment Module
  • Mod2 Electronic Transmission of Assignments
  • Mod2 Security Manager
  • Mod2 WGO (What's Going on Manager)
  • Mod2 Network Faxing System
  • Mod2 Network Emailing System
  • Mod2 Customizable Reports
  • Mod2 EIS (Executive Information System) Module
  • Mod2 Electronic Receiving Manager
  • Mod2 Multiple Warehouse Manager
  • Mod2 Bar-coding Module
  • Mod2 Multiple Division Manager
  • Mod2 Data Importing Module
  • Mod2 EDI Package
  • Mod2 Standard Monthly Support
  • Mod2 Monthly Fee for Each Additional User > 5
  • Mod2 On Site Support Per Hour Fee



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