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We are very new to the MOD2 Software.
Before MOD2, we had an existing software that we were using for the past 13 years that was doing the job . Both my partner and I contemplated on this move for months since this is a big investment for our company (especially in the current market). However, I can say that the difference is night and day.
The amount of information that we can get from MOD2 is unimaginable.
We were also very concerned that once we switch to MOD2, we thought that we would not get the service that we were getting from our previous system provider. I can just say that I am so impressed by both Javid and his staff. They are extremely helpful! We have been calling them at least 10 times a day asking for how to and they are always ready to help.
I know it is a big expense but I can tell you that as far as I am concerned, we are more than happy that we made the move. And I am sure that in the long run, this investment will be well worth it.
- Bob Kamali of Inter Colour, Inc. (New MOD2 User)

AGX & Mod2
Based on the strong recommendations of existing Mod2 clients, AGX Corp. chose to employ Mod2 to manage our textile converting business. Today s business world is moving at a blinding pace and the textile industry is no different. In order to excel in this dynamic environment one must have the technological agility to adapt rapidly; Mod2 has enabled AGX with this dexterity.
The Mod2 software, customer service, and programming team have continually delivered as advertised. Mod2 has allowed AGX to analyze our business from all angles: profitability; feasibility; customer service. This reporting and data has revolutionized our current business and prepared us to take on new business opportunities.
Mod2 has become much more to AGX than just a software vendor; Mod2 is our PARTNER.
- Charles Mertz of AGX Corp. (New MOD2 User)

"MOD2 is a true vertical solution to textile and garment industry. We have used MOD2 for over 12 years and it is the most important element in our business. Without MOD2, our business would have been much more difficult to manage and run. I highly recommend it to anybody in our industry. "
- David Kerendian of L.A. Fabric Imports Inc. (MOD2 User since 1994)

"I believe that Peyk International was Javid Nia s first program user, dating back over ten (10) years. During that time, Javid has developed and refined the program now known as MOD2. The program is consistently updated and modified to better serve its users. The program is comprehensive, encompassing every aspect and process including Importing, Converting, Inventory Control, Sales and Receivables, confirming Javid s familiarity with, and understanding of, The Textile Industry. The staff of MOD2 is friendly, courteous, and helpful. After ten years, I consider Javid "family" and rely greatly on him personally, and on the MOD2 program."
- Charlii of Peyk International Inc. (MOD2 User since 1986)

"I only have praises for the MOD2 Software. It is so practical and user friendly. From 8:30am till 6:30pm, I use it daily except Sundays. I practically breathe MOD2 everyday and I don t mind a bit."
- Vida of B. I. C. Textiles (MOD2 User since 1995)

"MOD2 is a very friendly software, and it has become a very extensive and complete program. I believe it is almost impossible to be in the textile business and not have MOD2 as your best friend. Javid and his friendly and courteous staff are a part of our company and we appreciate there on going support."
- Roubik of Nouveau Fabrics Inc. (MOD2 User since 1995)

"MOD2 is a very strong and detail program for Importing and Domestic use of Textile Industries and covers all the field. As an owner of this company, I think it is a great investment."
- Bobby Kashani of EKB Textiles (MOD2 User since 1996)

"Using MOD2 is the next best thing to having someone do all the work for you. The software is user friendly as one who uses it would find out. In a textile business, it makes things easier for one who is not so knowledgeable in that area. Since the software does all the work for you, (computations, i.e.), all one needs is enter the data for a certain transaction and VIOLA! You have everything you need in your hands in a snap of a finger. Personally, I have a hard time in preparing Purchase Orders, doing revisions of it when the need arises that sometimes took most of my time in one working day. Now that I have the access of using a Purchase Order in MOD2 that not only practically does everything for me, but helps me manage Purchase Order Reports as well, it makes my day and my superior s if I can give them any report they want at any time of the day."
"Of course, I have to mention the fact that the Phone and Fax support of the company is outstanding. Whenever problems occur with my use of the Software, I can always count on the assistance of Francis and Jesse. Most especially Francis who goes out of his way to call back and see if everything is updated on all our MOD2 requests. Not to mention Javid who always calls back with an answer on whatever request we ask regarding the use of the Software, to make it Suit better to our company s needs."
"I totally recommend this Software to anyone in the Textile Industry. "
- Suzette of Pacesetter Fabrics, LLC. (MOD2 User since 1995)

"In today's fast pace Textile Market, a business cannot survive without up to date internal information. With the many different variables that control every stage of textile importing and production, it is crucial for a company to stay on top of every stage and process. The ability to control and service each customer depending on their credit history is imperative for a successful cash flow, which is the life of a business. These are the rules and the nature of today's textile industry."
"With the help of the MOD2 Software, we have been able to accomplish all the above with the greatest of ease. In our opinion there is no one better software that can fully cater to the needs of the textile industry. This system is simple to master and extremely user friendly. It's potential for growth with a small or a large business is limitless. It allows us to view every step of each transaction with the absence of useless paperwork. With its help we have been able to cut down the need for more employees and paperwork."
"In short, if you want to control and run an efficient company, you need to get MOD2."
- Robin Ghodooshim of G&G Multitex, Inc. (MOD2 User since March 1997)

"MOD2 has been a fairly easy program to work with."
- Ben of Epic Textiles (MOD2 User since 1997)

"Being new in using the software, the MOD2 system is easy to use. The transition of using our old program to MOD2 is not difficult."
- Lyn of Cavalini (New MOD2 User)

"I find MOD2 easy to use because of its great features, And if I have questions, I just call their office and helpful technical support people are ready to answer questions."
- Angie of Ugurteks USA / Raison d'etre (MOD2 User since 2005)

"MOD2 has been very helpful for the company even though our use of the software is limited to only a few of the features that MOD2 has to offer."
- Janilyn of Fabric Zone Inc. (MOD2 User since 1997)

"The MOD2 software makes everything easy and smooth. I would like to know learn mod2 about MOD2!"
- Azi of Melrose Textile (New MOD2 User)

"MOD2 software is easy to use and makes life easier."
- Amor of Valentine Textiles Inc. (MOD2 User since 2005)

"The program is very user-friendly and very useful that anyone can easily learn from."
- Dinah of I. Kahn & Co. Inc. (MOD2 User since 1995)

"MOD2 Software is very user friendly. Overall, it is a pretty much self explanatory software and very enjoyable to use!"
- Miryam Shabani of Fabric Collection (MOD2 User since 1987)

"Quick information available access to Inventory, Client History & Sales. Extremely user friendly!"
- Danny {Sales} of Fabric Collection (MOD2 User since 1987)

"Dependable, reliable, easy to access information, SUPPORT TEAM is friendly, helpful and informative."
- Melissa Faraon of Fabric Collection (MOD2 User since 1987)

"Very informative and easy to work with."
- Eva Aquino of Fabric Collection (MOD2 User since 1987)

Very user-friendly, versatile & powerful software. Has room for improvement."
"I would like to acknowledge the great job you have done on our Dye Order Form. The Dye Order you created has all the prudent information located in an easy to follow format. Furthermore, the form is easy to follow and well though out."
"Thank you again for the great job you have done."
- Albert Hakimi of EPIC Textiles Int'l. LLC. (MOD2 User since 1995)

"Since we got the software, we have a good experience with the program. Since in the beginning, we had very good support. The program was a lot of upgrades giving a great tool to be used."
- Joe of California Textile (MOD2 User since 1995)

"Is easy to use, fast, accurate we have a good support in solving problems, due to software and hardware too."
- H. Balian of EPIC Textiles Int l. LLC. (MOD2 User since 1995)

"MOD2 program is a powerful tool when it comes to Merchandise Inventory and Accounts Payable management. You can easily access information, which is very useful in controlling both inventory and accounts receivable. And with the help of their Technical Support group, Francis and Jesse, any problems encountered with the program are solved immediately. Continuous updates of the program are being made to suit the needs of the user."
- Louie of GeneralTex, Inc. (MOD2 User since January 1995)

"Since we got the Software (MOD2), we are very happy working with MOD2. They are very supportive and friendly and easy to access. I totally recommend to anyone get that MOD2 Software if you want to have happy life. "
- Danesh Yousef of Lia Gol Textile Inc. (MOD2 User since January 1996)

"I have yet to see another Software that can perform better than that of MOD2. It perfectly caters to the needs of the users of this industry through its reports, statements and ease of use. MOD2 Software is a 'MUST HAVE' if you are in the textile industry."
- Eva of Nouveau Fabrics Inc. (MOD2 User since February 1995)

We are happy with MOD2. All the features are useful for the business. They are open to suggestions and are very flexible and have very approachable staff.
- Carla of B.F.H. Trading International Inc.

"As a new user of MOD2, it is our pleasure to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable, efficient, and dependable office support Software. We would like to thank you for your great effort of setting up MOD2 Software for our company. Also thank you for your extra help in assisting us in other areas of our computer related tasks. We enjoy using MOD2 everyday and we will strongly support your reputation."
- Farah of Matrix Int'l. Textile Inc. (MOD2 User since August 1997)

MOD2 is very user-friendly. Even without computer background it is still easy to understand. All commands are so easy to use. MOD2 staff is always available to assist in all our question regarding the system!
- Joy Bactalan of Fabric Selection Inc. (MOD2 User since October 1998)

I love MOD2. It has made my work a lot easier. We can monitor salesreps activities from sales, returns, to commissions due and paid. Errors can be easily checked, too. Monthly sales reports are complete with statistics from sales source, units and freights there s a lot more! More power to MOD2!
- Imelda of Fabric Selection Inc.(MOD2 User since October 1998)

I found the software easy to learn and to use. This makes the inventory almost perfect that can help the company minimize the unnecessary expenses/costs.The automated packing list helps maintain efficiency as far as the billing/inventory are concerned and also helps expedite the mailing process of packing lists.
- Abelardo and Rudy of Fabric Selection Inc. (MOD2 User since October 1998)




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