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Q1: I like to be able to categorize the payments from our customers. I have multiple bank accounts and I like be able to know what I am depositing to each bank account. I like to distinguish between credit card payments and check payments. Can I run reports in MOD2 that will show me the total payments that I need to deposit in our bank?


A1: There are two fields in MOD2 that you can use to help you categorize your cash receipts. When entering payments in MOD2, the system asks you for the "account code" and "control#". The default account code is NONE, but perhaps you did not know that you may easily add or edit your own account codes like, CHECK, CREDIT CARD, CASH, BANK OF AMERICA, WELLS FARGO, ETC, ETC. To edit the account codes, select option to EDIT ACCOUNT CODE option. You can use the customized account codes to fit many scenarios. Example you can have an  account code for each bank or an account code for credit cards and so on.




If you make a transaction report, you can filter your report based on which account code or based on control#. In this screenshot, the Washington Mutual account code is tagged. It will then show in the report all the payments that you added in the Washington Mutual account. 


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