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The Mod2 software has built-in integrations for the following:

UPS,FedEx,and UPS Surepost LogosUPS,FedEx,and UPS Surepost Logos
Our software, integrated with two major shipping companies in the USA, simplifies shipping for textile and garment companies. It offers real-time tracking, cost savings, and efficient order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction, and enabling streamlined operations. 

Shopify, Faire, Walmart, & Mod2 LogosShopify, Faire, Walmart, & Mod2 Logos
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Mod2 is fully integrated with pre-authorizing at order point, charging at packing/invoice point, and having credit card functionality integrated into our system seamlessly. Fully PCI compliant. ACH transactions, allow bank to bank payments and are fully integrated as well.

Microsoft Excel and Outlook Logos
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Cloud Scanning Logo

Cloud Printing Logo

CIT, Wells Fargo, & Merchants Bank LogosCIT, Wells Fargo, & Merchants Bank Logos

AWS, MySQL, IOS Developer, PHP LogosAWS, MySQL, IOS Developer, PHP Logos

Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive LogosGoogle Drive, Microsoft OneDrive Logos
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