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Q9: UPS and FEDEX have just recently started charging my company for customer account # lookup. My customer had asked us to send samples to them using their UPS or Fedex account #.
We did ship the goods, but it is time consuming for us to put the customer's UPS or Fedex # each time we make a shipment. Our warehouse is not organized enough to remember and record each
customer's own UPS or FEDEX account # and to put in on the shipping documents. Is there a way in MOD2, where we can put in the Customers UPS or Fedex account # once and each time there
is a shipment to that customer for MOD2 to automatically fill in the account # field? This would help us a lot in the warehouse area.

A9: Your wish is a feature in MOD2. MOD2 allows you to save per each account, UPS account#, FedEx, DHL, Airborne, and other shipping company account numbers. 

Once you create a sales order or a packing list or an invoice for a customer with the particular shipping company where the account # is defined and type of shipment is not prepaid the system will automatically insert the shipping company account code into the documents. 


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