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Q1: I need to know what customer orders (sales orders) are pending by delivery date or customer required by date. How much in dollar amount do I have scheduled to ship this month? How about next month and going forward? What is the sum of all the orders that are still open and not shipped? Do I have any orders from the previous months that I am late as far as shipping? How can I get that information related to my sales orders quickly from MOD2?


A1: Consider the sales order "back log". The back log is a breakdown of all of your sales orders grouped by delivery date. You can access the back log by going to the
sales order menu (F5), open and pending (F6) and scrolling down to the bottom section of the list 

The back log has a monthly breakdown for five months forward and five months backward. For example, if you display the backlog and today's date is in March (as in the screenshot above), then here is how MOD2 breaks down your sales orders: All orders for the current month of March will be under the 0 "zero" section. Sales orders that have the customer required by date for the following month of April will be totaled under the +1 section. Sales orders scheduled for delivery for May will have their totals under the +2 section. June will be +3, July deliveries will be +4, and August will be +5. If you had missed some sales orders from the previous months, such as when an is delayed and its delivery slips to the next month, those will be shown under the negative month headings. From our example, February orders would be -1, January would be -2, etc.  



Making a reminder to yourself or to others is very easy. But first, make sure that you have your email address setup in MOD2 because it will use your email account to send the message. After this, you can start making the reminder. First, you have to enter a subject or the message itself in the Subject text box. It will be a lot simpler and easier if you could be specific with your subject/message. After that, choose the recipients of the message. On the right part of the window, there is a drop down menu where you can select a client group (i.e. MOD2 user, Salesperson, etc.) and the email addresses from that client group will display on the box below it. You can do a searching of names or email addresses and you can also type in an exact email address that you wish to send a reminder to. You may then set the time when the reminder should be sent. A check box labeled Send Immediately, when checked, will disregard the time that you set and will send your message right away. There is also a check box labeled Private Reminder which if checked will make the message visible only to the sender and recipients in the Task Reminder History. This option is not yet implemented but will be available for use later this year. Finally, you may add details or comments to your reminder in the text box found at the bottom part of the window. After doing this, click the Save button and then you're done. 




Tip: You can use the "z" feature on the open and pending screen to further customize the backlog to your taste. For example, you can generate the backlog for a specific customer or for a specific salesperson.



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