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Q10: Each day we get several phone calls from our customers, our own warehouse, and our boss in the office, wanting to know what is the status of a particular shipment or packing list. I know I
can look up in MOD2 the customer sales order and I it has been packed I would see a packing list. But I need to know MORE. I need to know if the goods have "officially" left our warehouse and I
need to know if they did who packed it and which driver signed or released it. Basically I need to know if the goods are en route to the customer, when and what time and by who. How can you
help me with this situation?

A10: Each packing list in MOD2 does have room for you to enter and record the details of the situation described above. Simply ask your warehouse personnel to fill in the details of who and when
and the time that a shipment gets released. If you go to the change screen of a packing list, there
are fields like packed by, packed time, released by.  


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