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Q6: I used to be prompted for prices when adding the packing list but now I am no longer asked for prices. What happened? Why did you guys change it.

A6: You no longer need to set the prices when packing against a sales order. Since all the prices have already been specified in the sales order, they will simply be inherited into the packing list. This makes one less step for you to deal with when packing and lets you focus on selecting the inventory you need. In addition, it may not be appropriate for the user who is creating the packing list to see the prices. If you still prefer to confirm the prices upon packing, you may do so by turning on security rule #914 from the Security Manager, which will relax the restriction. You may set the rule for any number of users, allowing you to enable it for one or just a couple of users if desired. Your system administrator or a MOD2 Support Technician can help you with this procedure. 


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