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Q4: Our salespersons have requested us to fax copies of their invoices and packing list to them upon shipment. Can this be done automatically by MOD2?

A4: Yes, if you have licensed the MOD2 WGO "What's Going on Manager". This recently added feature allows you to fax or email) a copy of the invoice and/or packing list to the salesperson
shortly after it is added to the system. This is all done automatically with no work on your part.
In order to turn this feature on, the salespersons need to be added to the What's Going On Manager under the salesperson area. Ask your system administrator or a MOD2 Support Technician on
how to turn on this feature or to demo it to your company. If you are unable to turn this feature on, you may need to contact MOD2 to acquire a license for it as the What's Going On Manager is a
separate module in the software. 


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