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Why MOD2
MOD2 is dedicated in providing office automation solutions for textile and garment importers, converters and wholesalers. We have been providing software solutions for this particular industry since 1986. We form long term relationships with our clients.

So... Where Did The Name MOD2 Come From?

Have you ever wondered what MOD2 really means? Were you ever curious as to why a program was given such a weird name? Could there possibly be any significance in the name MOD2?

For some time now, we have been asked where the name MOD2 originated from, what it means and whether it represents anything in particular. Maybe the program was named MOD2 just to confuse you or perhaps all the good names like Windows were already taken. Well, we have finally decided it was wrong to keep you in suspense for such a long time and that it is now time to disclose our company secret the true meaning of MOD2.

The English alphabet consists of the letters A through Z. We know for a fact that any correct combination or sequence of letters creates words and any combination of words creates sentences which combined together can be made into logical phrases. This is then called a language. "So where is the connection?," you ask me. Well, you see computers like the rest of us have their own language too. This language is called "Binary." The difference between binary and other languages is that the binary alphabet consists only of two characters which are zero and one. Even though computers are deemed more intelligent than the human brain, computers cannot learn other languages and will completely ignore you if incorrectly addressed to. Because of this, the computer translates everything into "binary."

MOD is an algebraic function. The "mod" function gives you the remainder when you divide two numbers. For example: 20 MOD 8 is 4 because 8 can go into 20 twice, which gives you 16, which is 4 less than 20. The remaining number after you divide two numbers evenly is what the MOD function gives you. An interesting thing happens when you MOD any number with the number 2. Take 6 MOD 2 for example - the answer to this is zero because 2 goes into 6 three times and leaves no remainder. Now, try 7 MOD 2. This equation has a remainder of 1 as 2 goes into 7 three times and leaves a remainder of 1. If you try to MOD other numbers by 2, you will soon see a distinctive pattern: Any number that you MOD by 2 will give a remainder of either zero or one. That s it it s that simple. So why are zero and one significant? Well, you know now that zero and one make-up the binary system, the alphabet of the computer. So when you MOD a number by 2, the result is something that the computer already understands without any need for translation. MOD2 (the software), uses the MOD by 2 function throughout the entire program. This enables the computer to work faster and more efficiently so you can get your work done quicker.

We hope that this new knowledge will add a new dimension to your MOD2 experience. Now, no longer will you be in the dark regarding the true meaning of MOD2

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