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Q 8 : I see summary inventory in my items. How can I correct this situation? * The goal here is to have no summary goods.



A 8-1: [detailed mode] To balance a Detailed Inventory, first you need to make sure you have the name "Clean-up" defined in the system. If not, define one and place it under "Normal Active Account". Create a Packing List and Invoice at Zero Cost under the name Clean up for the quantity to be adjusted. As soon as you finish adding a Packing List and Invoice, go to Location-Info or E.I.S. to determine if the detailed inventory is corrected.  



A 8-2: [summary mode] Add a Receiving using the "ADJUSTMENT" model and receive it under your company's name. Once the system prompts you to enter the Style#, type-in the style number you wish to adjust and press enter. Highlight the color then press enter, and then type in the quantity. Note: Use a positive quantity if your actual physical count is more than what you have in your system. Otherwise, do the opposite. The system will prompt you to accept your adjustment. As soon as the system accepts your adjustment, go to the Location-Info or to E.I.S. to determine if the summary inventory has been corrected.  




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