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What does our software do?

MOD2 professionally manages your entire organization with one software.  

Here are some of the highlights of our program:

Inventory of stock and open to sell.

Inventory of Future goods and open to sell on future goods.

Textile package: Inventory on a roll by roll basis, by lot, and by box.

Textile package: rolls may be split for sample, mod2 allows for partial rolls.

Textile package: complete history, by style, by color, by receiving, by lot and down to the roll level. MOD2 can show the history of a roll and where it originated and where it finally was used or sold.

Garment package: Inventory by style, color, size in details, complete with ratios, and specification sheets and to do list of tasks.

Packing details to customers , delivery receipts.

MOD2 allows for multiple warehouses and for warehouses within warehouses.

MOD2 allows complete freedom of movement and transfers of your inventory between warehouses.

MOD2 allows for non-countable warehouses to utilize for second quality goods, for samples, and for good that are in transit.

Invoicing, billing and accounts receivable.

Factor assignment and receivables, customer statements, and aging.

Automatic transmission of assignment electronically to factors such as CIT, GMAC, First Capital, HANA, etc.

Returns, credit memo's and RGA's (Return Goods Authorization).

Purchases from suppliers, shipping advise and receiving.

For Textile Converters: Woven and knit dye orders, greige goods purchasing and movements, knit memo's, yarn purchasing., paper print.

True costing , MOD2 calculates the actual cost and breakdown of the source of costs for all shipments throughout the importing, converting and or distribution process.

Credit approvals, and the management and tracking of customers sales orders.

MOD2 creates picking sheets for the warehouse to prepare shipments.

MOD2 creates confirmation of orders automatically to be faxed or emailed to the customer upon addition of new sales orders.

MOD2 Bar-coding organizes and increases the efficiency of the warehouse.

Salesperson's commission , based on what was shipped and based on what was collected.

Swatch cards, line sheets, stickers for headers, and stickers upon receiving and shipping.

MOD2 creates native Adobe PDF documents for all reports, and document printouts from the system.

All reports in MOD2 can be prepared in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Intuitive and easy to learn and use.

Friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable technical support staff.

Extensive tracking, and history audit of users activity.

Several hundred system security rules.

Complete security manager to restrict and control the features of the software to individual users. Examples, salespersons, can be given the option to view inventory, but not to see purchase prices and or bookings. Salesperson, could be restricted to see their own accounts. Warehouse personnel can have access to inventory, but will be limited to viewing and with no changes allowed. Salesreps can be restricted to customers within a territory.

MOD2 Over Web. Ability to use the system to be published and used over the web with full security and audit trail.

SQL data table format allow you to use Industry Standard Tools to access your data. You can query the MOD2 database and create your own customized reports. MOD2 uses industry standard mySQL database.


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