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Q3: My company uses multiple factors. I like to get a list of pending orders for a particular factor. Is it possible for me to sort my open & pending packing lists or open and pending sales order
by a tentative factor?


A3: Yes, you can now sort your open & pending list by tentative factor. Just go to the Open & Pending menu under Packing List or sales orders, press Z to sort the list, and then press enter on the
Tentative Factor to display all your factors. Choose the factor that you want and the list will filter to your selection. This feature will help you a lot when you're trying to display those pending packing lists for a specific factor. The reason why there's a sorting option for tentative factor is that, let's say, your company needs to get a credit approval for a specific factor. In this way, if you filter your open and pending list by a specific factor, it will show you the orders that needs credit approval for that factor. 


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