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  • Access a limited number of Customizable Reports
  • Generate reports on: top salesperson, item, division by territory, sales, profit, etc. 



Customizable ReportCustomizable Report
Robost Security ManagerRobost Security Manager






  • Server data is encrypted to prevent security violations.
  • Access can be controlled on a per user basis.






  • MOD2 can be fully integrated with variety of website types
  • Create websites for Busines to Business, Retail or Showcase.
Integrated WebsiteIntegrated Website
Barcode SupportBarcode Support







  • Barcode generation stickers & forms.
  • Includes detailed shipment and receiving on roll by roll basis.







  • Manage UPS & FedEx shipments within MOD2. 
  • Tracking numbers are stared in MOD2 and can be reviewed or submitted to customers. 


UPS / FedEx IntegrationUPS / FedEx Integration


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