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The MOD2 Software For Textile Importers

The MOD2 Software for Textile Importers

Our software gives you the edge in being ahead in the textile importing industry with its features. One of the features is the Inventory (as shown below) one of the important factors when it comes to importing textiles.

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In MOD2, the user s inventory is efficiently managed by the Inventory menu. A user can easily create and modify new items in the inventory menu like woven and knit fabrics, yarn and lace goods, garments and home furnishing items, and even non-countable items.

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Our Inventory item display screen is one of a kind. Users can effortlessly display an item showing all the details of it including a preview image of that item.

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Under that inventory item display screen, we have a lot of options/menu/buttons that gives you the power to display any information linked to that item like Inventory and Pricing History, instruction notes and warning messages, purchase orders for that item, cost sheets, and a lot more. Another cool thing about this is that you could also make Stickers and Swatches under this menu.

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MOD2 also offers features that you will not find in any other textile programs like Sales Contract and Return Goods Authorization.

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A Sales Contract is basically a document where you put your customer's orders and a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is a document that shows you specific goods that will be returned and the associated invoice, packing list, and the customer's purchase order.




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