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The MOD2 Software for Apparel Importers and Garment Packagers:
What makes MOD2 software for Apparel / Garment Packagers unique?
The MOD2 software inherits all the powerful features that comes with MOD2 for textile with the addition of the following unique features:
o Ability to manage items per size (i.e. S, M, L, XL).
o Ability to manage pre-configured packaged items (pre-pack).
o Ability to manage standalone sizes.
o Ability to manage ratios.
o Ability to suppress ratios.
o Ability to manage units/pieces per box.
o Ability to have unlimited size ranges.
o Ability to show/hide sizes on certain forms.
o Ability to auto-pack customer sales orders.
o Ability to keep inventory by style, color, date, priority, group & season.
o Ability to track customer orders that are lined to garment manufacturers.
o Ability to see a time line of productions tasks.
o Ability to manage garment costing. Different sizes of the same style can have different costs.
o Ability to generate garment production and processing cost sheet.
o Ability to create box details and box shipment summary for packing lists.
o Ability to group garment items into different categories/labels.
o Ability to attach images, documents, POD's, MS Excel Sheets, and emails to inventory items and transactions. Images can be printed on most forms of MOD2.
o Ability to generate bar-codes on stickers and forms.
o Ability to generate UPC numbers automatically.
The MOD2 software provides you with consistent, professional forms like invoices, proforma invoices, commercial invoices, picking sheets, sales orders, purchase contracts, and a lot more forms that follow industry standards.
Check out the sample forms and stickers that we have in the MOD2 software.







Stickers / Barcodes /Labels

Download Brochure - MOD2 Garment Package [PDF]


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