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The MOD2 Software for Textile Manufacturers and Converters:
In the industry of textile manufacturers and converters, managing greige goods is one of its main tasks. MOD2 software, however, is capable of handling all the duties your company has. The Goods in Process menu in MOD2 is the feature where you can manage your greige goods, its purchasing, processing, receiving, and even the moving and transferring of the goods from one place to another. Two examples for this option are creating a Purchase Contract which provides information about the agreement of a supplier and customer and creating a Process Order which provides the information about the goods

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Another flavor of MOD2 in connection with managing of greige goods is the ability to generate a Fabric Information Sheet where users can see or input information about a certain good like the style of the material, its color, quality, % content, etc.

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A Greige good or a greige fabric is a fabric just off the loom or knitting machine, i.e., in an unfinished state.


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