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The MOD2 Software for Home Furnishing Textiles and Accessories:
MOD2 Inc. is a software company located in Los Angeles. Our state of the art software packages are also designed to help Fabric & Home Furnishing companies to fully automate their business. With over 14 years of continuous development guided by close relationships with our customers, MOD2 is the complete solution for your business.
* Do you want to increase the productivity of your organization?
* Do you have to manage your inventory in detail?
* Do you want to track and send confirmations of orders automatically?
* Does your software understand the specific needs of the fabric & home furnishing industry?
* Do you want to know the accurate cost of an item?
* Can your existing software give you the actual profit on an invoice?
* Do you want to see the images of the fabric in your system?
* Can you easily track what orders are pending for a customer? For a supplier?
* Do you want to create stickers and swatch cards for fabric headers and samples?
* Can your system notify your salesperson upon a shipment? Your customer?

Feature Highlights
Comprehensive Inventory Management
- Manage inventory in detail
- Quick access to information, history, description, scanned image, best customer, best salesperson, etc. on an item
- Designed to work with the repetitive tasks of home furnishing industry
- Extensive history and tracking capabilities
- Generation of UPC numbers
- Multiple location, Racks and Bins per item
- Cost sheets
- Revision history to know who made what changes
- Consistent, professional forms built-in like invoice, proforma invoice, commercial invoice, picking sheet, sales order and purchase contract that follow industry standards
- Customizable to meet specific company needs
- Support for labels, stickers, bar code, etc.

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Built-in forms for easy label printing like bar code UPC stickers, shipping address labels, roll information label, style color combo card, logo stickers and color cards can be generated in MOD2


Easily generate Hot Sheet from purchase contract. Including print-out of the scanned items.

Fabric Information Sheet and other useful built-in forms are ready for printing in MOD2

MOD2 allows you to easily create swatch sheets from your software. You can create swatch sheets with multiple cells in a page, or even one full page. The system allows you to arrange the colors in the order that you prefer.


Download Brochure - MOD2 Garment Package [PDF]


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