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Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit Card Payment Processing
(An "Add-On" Feature of MOD2)
Is your system equipped with credit card payment processing? Does your system automatically process credit card payments without entering your customer's card information over and over again? Does your system warn you if your customer gave you an invalid credit card number? Well, we can! MOD2 can do all of these and much more!
MOD2 now has the ability to process credit card payments (and may i say "with ease!") and can store multiple credit cards that comes with a security system that checks if the credit card numbers you are entering is valid or not. Besides having these wonderful features, it is also connected with MOD2's existing features like the Revision History, Security Manager, Detailed Reporting, etc. Just with these powerful elements that comes with our Credit Card Payment Processing makes it "a-must-have" feature for your company.

Here's a quick preview of our Credit Card Payment Processing:
- Credit Card Processing Screen
MOD2 automatically brings up a window (called the MOD2 Credit Card Gateway) with the full details of the credit card of your customer. You're just one-click away from completing the transaction.
Here's a closer look of the MOD2 Credit Card Gateway.

On the customer part, MOD2 gives a confirmation on the invoice printout that the payment was succesful. It shows the details of the credit card used, approval #, transaction ID#, date and time, card#, and the amount for your customer's reference.



To ensure that the credit card transactions that you process in MOD2 is secure, accurate, quick, and affordable, we use Authorize.Net as our gateway to manage your transactions. Visit www.authorize.net for more information.


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