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MOD2 Project 960

MOD2 Project 960 Handheld Device Instructional Videos

Table of Contents:

A. Main Menu Screenshot:

960menu inventory sales order prepare pack release move count pod

B. Device Basics
A quick overview of the 960 device buttons.

C. Startup and Login / Logoff and Shutdown
How to properly begin and end your 960 device sessions.

D. Looking Up Inventory
Check stock quantities and other information about your goods.

- Look up inventory without a barcode scanner

- Look up inventory with a Mod2 960 device (scanner)

E. Creating a Sales Order - Garment Version
Use the device to put in an order for a customer.

F. Prepare a Packing List
Identify a packing list as one that is about to begin the process of
packing at the warehouse.

G-1. Packing an Order - Textile Version
Fulfill a picking sheet created from a Textile sales order.

G-2. Packing an Order - DNR Version [RAW FOOTAGE]
Fulfill a picking sheet created from a DNR sales order.

H. Releasing a Shipment
Mark packing lists as "actually shipped," as shipments leave the warehouse.


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