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MOD2 Enterprise Installation

Click on the image below to install MOD2 App
Install Mod2 App

Setting up your Mod2 App

1. Tap on the Mod2 App

2. Once installed, you will initialy see this message the first time you open the app.

3. In order to use Mod2, go to iPhone Settings --> General

4. Then go to Device Management

5. Once in Device Management, click on mod2 inc

6. Tap on TRUST "MOD2 INC"

7. Click on Trust

8. It should now show that MOD2 is Verified.

9. Once the app has been trusted, you can now open your Mod2 app and add the bookmark to connect to your company's Mod2. On the main screen of Mod2, tap on SETTINGS

10. Then click on Add

11. Enter your Mod2 credentials in the Email and Password fields.

12. Once your credentials are verified, you will now have a bookmark to connect to your company's Mod2.

13. Now when you open the app. You will be able to connect to your server.

14. You can now login using your email and password.

Mod2 Login

15. Congratulations, you have successfully set up the Mod2 Enterprise App!

Welcome To Mod2


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